BMW 2002

Main information



BMW 2002 Alpina A3 Group 2 with KHL Langenberg chassis, H-license plate / TÜV.

Newly built, TÜV Süd valuation report grade 1

Can be used on the road with an H license plate but also at the Histo Cup, hill climb according to group H. Built according to homologation sheet 5258, DMBS

The following is entered for road operation:

- Raid steering wheel

- Karl-Heinz Langenberg chassis

- BMW 2002 Turbo brakes / strut / calipers, ventilated front brakes

- Disc brake / brake calipers (33mm) rear and wheel hubs / brake disc front from the BMW e21 323i

- Performance increase 205 PS measured on the dynamometer

- Stainless steel exhaust

- ATS 7x15 and 9x15 rims

- Roll cage according to DMSB

- GRP group 2 spoilers and extensions, doors / hoods GRP

- Makrolon discs (stamp with the shaft)

- Schroth seats / belts

- Braided steel brake hoses

- total weight 836kg

Engine structure BMW:

Double Schrick valve springs

H-beam connecting rod

Wössner piston 89.2 (maximum oversize for 2 L displacement)


Freely programmable control unit EMU Ecumaster with Bluetooth module

Electronic ignition control unit Bosch

Knock sensor / exhaust gas / intake air temperature, trigger wheel 60-2 / Hall sensor, belt drive and changed gear ratio for LIMA, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, various other sensors for the control unit, broadband lambda probe, etc.

VDO tachometer up to 10,000 RPM, oil pressure and oil temperature display VDO

Dbilas Dynamic single throttle 48mm

Bosch injection nozzles approx. 600mg / s

Schrick rocker arm (durable up to 9,000 RPM,

Lightened flywheel, sintered clutch with reinforced machine (Sachs)

Crankshaft / flywheel finely balanced together (weight crankshaft: 15.4 KG)

Crankshaft lightened and nitrided

All petrol / oil lines Dash with steel braided hoses

Reinforced engine mounts

Enlarged oil pan with baffles

Piston crown cooling

Ring groove for head gasket

S14 oil pump

328 degree camshaft Schrick

Larger valves with lead-free seats

Hemispherical combustion chamber

Inlet and outlet channels processed and measured on the flow bench

Valves ground optimized

2002tii tank with 2 electr. Petrol pumps (9 bar) and filters

Additional oil cooler and oil filter flange E30 M3

Catch tank for crankcase ventilation

Samco water hoses

Electric water pump Davies Craig EWP 80

Electric fan SPAL with thermostat

Aluminum water cooler

Stainless steel exhaust 63.5mm, sport CAT

Drive / chassis:

Transmission Getrag 245 5-speed

Cardan shaft adjusted to length by GKN and balanced

Rear axle with adjustable camber, caster

Front brake: 2002 Turbo saddle with e21 hub and internally ventilated discs

Rear brake: e21 323i disc brake (33mm piston), Engels brake caliper holder / centering rings

Brake shut-off valve or reducing valve

Steel braided brake lines

Extra long wheel bolts front and rear

E21 limited slip differential 25% 3.91 (overhauled) with differential oil cooling with electr. Pump (Mocal) and remote radiator, Dash + steel braided hoses

KHL Langenberg chassis with certificate - with upside-down dampers (large, shortened struts) on VA and HA

Stabilizer front 2002 Turbo, rear adjustable

Polyamide chassis sockets front / rear

Rims: ATS Classic, 7x15 + 9x15

Tires: new semi-slicks Toyo Proxes r888r, 225/50 r15 or 235/50 r15, match the rolling circumference of the standard wheels


Side and rear windows Macrolon (with "the shaft" / KBA stamp)

GRP parts hoods, doors, fenders, extensions, spoilers with material evidence

Rear fog light (e.g. required for Histo-Cup)

Original wiring harness not installed, additional wiring harness with separate fuse box

Cage according to DMSB regulations with padding (FIA)

Fire extinguishing system 4.25 liters, FIA circuit, can be operated from inside / outside

Emergency stop / battery disconnect switch (can be operated from inside / outside)

Historic bucket seats, Pelta Racing

Schroth suspender belts

Standard locks on doors and trunk lid

Radio system MR-200 XL Peltor with hand set

Conversion according to homologation sheet 5258:

GRP parts

Rear disc brake

Reinforcements steering stool, rear thrust struts, rear swing arm spring support, reinforcement plate for rear swing arm, rear box swing arm, engine suspension, front axle carrier, wishbone, etc.

Differential oil pump with cooling

Racing Ads / Console

Internally ventilated disc brake