About Us


You look inside Your full closet and think 'I have nothing to wear!' 

Obviously there is something for you to wear, but first you have to find it hiding somewhere between those clothes that rarely come out of the closet. 

We are sure You do not wear half of Your clothes, many accessories You own have already become dusty and some of Your shoes have been standing in the corner for ages waiting to be taken for a walk. 

Closet can help You re-organize and clean out your entire wardrobe. 

Closet is the best place for You to buy, sell, or give away clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics. Here you can also give and get some useful tips about style, fashion, new trends and many other things. 

Everything You have to do is to go through Your closets, decide which of Your clothes, accessories or shoes have not been used for a while and You are not planning to wear them any longer, take photos of each of these things, write descriptions, decide on a price and sell or exchange it to other things proposed by the members of this community. 

Membership of Closet is free for everyone! 

Closet - easy to have new look everyday!