Fiat Uno

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Sprint & Hill Climb Cars


I sell fiat a turbo 1.4 i.e of 1989 with 109.000km
The car was prepared for uphill races, slalom, circuits, trak day.
Revised in December 2017 with the following works:
-Internal engine cleaning, sump and oil draft, engine oil cooler, cooling circuit and brake oil circuit
- New engine oil
-Oil filter
- BMC cone air filter
- Petrol filter
- Distribution belt
- Distribution Bearing
- Services belt
- Radiator antifreeze
- Brake oil
- Change oil
The engine is original with no problems and the following modifications have been made:
Turbine launches delta, increased injectors, intercooler mounted above the engine with a special air intake on the bonnet, new copper clutch, crafted exhaust manifolds, stainless steel exhaust, cone filter, increased petrol pump, petrol pressure regulator, pressure regulator turbo, overhauled head 800km ago with reinforced gasket with rings, gearbox transmission NEW Original with 800km and reinforced axle shafts, rims from 15 original Delta spear, bolted roll bar with the possibility to remove it, new ds3000 brake pads, original shock absorbers calibrated by the orap, seats racing etc ..
The car was last used for tuning in a go-kart track on 21.01.18
bank and calibrated at 1.1 bar of turbo pressure delivers about 175 horses.
Demolished cars for expatriation with documents and possibility of re-registration exempt from the payment of the stamp.
Price negotiable.