Skoda Fabia

Main information



World champion car by Andreas Mikkelsen, was registered and refurbished in Germany in 2019. Car was driven only on asphalt in 2019 in Germany and in 2020 was not used because of Corona.
Car is ready to race with setup for asphalt and gravel, laptop with mapping-software, nightface, large spare parts package (see separate list below) complete for sale.
Further use of registration and technical pass of car is possible in accordance to written agreement.

Hom.-Blatt Nr.: A5721
FIA Goldpass Nr. S2000R-117
Technical pass of car No.: KFP1601/19

Price: 88.000,- € complete price with parts
Year of construction: 2009
City: Eisenach
Country: Germany

Car was driven 980 km since revision, thereof 320 km special stage.
Clutch new, generator new, gear box and differential gears revised, a lot of details revised

Spare parts package:

amount unit description
2 piece underbody skidplate front
1 piece underbody skidplate rear
3 set complete wheels slicks soft – hard
2 set complete wheels rain hard, soft
8 piece rim gravel
4 piece shock absorber complete
1 box accessories shock absorber
8 piece spring short
8 Piece spring long
1 piece cardan shaft
1 piece rear axle body
1 box control arms, bars
10 piece brake pots
2 piece manifold
1 piece rear silencer
1 piece steering wheel with hub
1 piece throttle flap
1 piece airbox carbon
1 box intake ports
1 piece oil collecting vessel aluminium
1 piece camshaft sensor
1 piece crankshaft sensor
1 piece cable loom motor
1 piece generator
1 box electric cables
1 box pipes for gasoline and hydraulics
1 box filter, pipes divers
1 box gaskets divers
1 piece wiper motor
6 piece front lights
4 piece rear lights
1 piece light bar
1 piece set support light bar
2 piece front door
3 piece inner door panels front carbon
1 box door handles, locks
1 piece rear bumper
1 piece back door
2 piece top hood
2 piece exterior mirror
2 piece wheel housing rear, welding parts
1 box welding parts divers
1 piece cover fuel tank
1 piece footboard co-driver
4 piece universal supports
1 box screws divers
1 box special tools