Saab 96 Rally 96

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Saab 96 Rally


I have been building this car for the last 4 years with historical rallies in mind. The target was Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique. The car underwent a profound modification in line with the rally specification of the era. The engine currently with a capacity of 1850 cc, forged pistons, sports cranks, a very unique sports intake (cross flow) Weber 45 carburettors, portink made, sharp shaft, the entire exhaust system. Cooling and oil system modification. Sports clutch. New electrical installation. Unique sports lamps. Battery moved to the trunk. Very unique RAC rims that were only made for two years for rally Saabs by special order. Safety cage, Sparco seats, Sparco 4 point belts. Fire extinguishing system and central current switch. Built-in sensors for oil pressure, oil and fluid temperature and a Volt sensor. I bought the car about 6 years ago from Kańczuga Poland - a place that is iconic for classic Saab owners. Currently, Saab, despite its uncompromising attitude, let me drive it even in ordinary traffic. But his environment definitely lies somewhere else. I would like to add that all the workshops that worked on this car were of the highest level of knowledge and experience in the implementation of such a project. If you have more questions, write to me