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Citroen C2

Main information

Rear Whell


Spectacular and unique CITROEN c2 S1600 Proto
Asphalt, Earth.
- C2 E2 tubular structure with project and approved with the RFEDA. Unworn
- ITV of races and documentation.
- 2012 Hayabusa Engine without KMS
- RWD rear wheel drive
- Good new disc differential without KMS
- New central differential without KMS.
- New installation ..
- Installation of lights, indicators ...........
- Ohlins and Olle suspensions
- 8 Wheels. (4 of 15 'asphalt)
- 8 Unused dirt tires.
- Fast and assisted steering
- Data screen
- Gear digit engaged
- Hand brake
- New pumps
- New ATL 2018 20L fuel tank.
- 2 Expired basketball and harnesses.
- Varied spare part (Differential, hood, doors, electricity, aluminum connections ......)
- All fiberglass, except central part (nose, fins, bonnet, doors and rear shell)
- Baquets and harnesses expired (They are delivered)
New vehicle.

It is in Spain, region of La Rioja

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