Honda Civic

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Hello, I am selling a newly built Honda Civic 1.6 16 VTI. In the previous incarnation, the booth was not ringed and without a redhead, which is rare in this type of car. Sports car book.
Disassembled, sandblasted, welded, painted and secured
NSR Reacing cage Piotr Kowalski
Bonnet Laminate, rear board, laminate, side panels, laminate, second set of mirrors, Ala carbon.
after revision, main and crank shells were replaced with ACL Reacing nominal
equal compression on all cylinders at cold 14.5 bar on warm 15 bar.
Rollers from Integra
Skunk2 inlet manifold + Skunk 70 throttle
Simot inlet + cone
New ignition apparatus, new engine mounts,
New NGK spark plugs + NGK cables, new oil sensor, new VTC filter, new gaskets and seals.
Car tuned by “Grafix” starting procedure + section with exhaust shot like WRC
Engine flooded with new Liqui Moly 10W60 oil
Including 183KM and 178Nm set
New oil pump, new timing (water pump, belt), power steering pump after regeneration,
Gearbox after the revision from Integra with a gear ratio of 4.9Mfactory with LSD diffused oil Castrol SAF 75w140
4.8kg lightweight flywheel
New clutch plate pressure bearing Aisin
Sandblasted suspension fully painted on StrongFlex
New front and rear stabilizers
After regeneration, the steering column (steering gear with new steering rods and rocker pins)
Bilstein B6 sport shock absorbers with 3-stage adjustment + Eibach spring after review and setting on GSMP.
2.5 inch acid exhaust system, exhaust manifold Copy Mugen 4in1 bandaged
Aluminum plate for the engine,
Regenerated alternator, Regenerated starter,
Regenerated terminals,
Braided brake lines
New brake discs front and rear
New brake pads front and rear
Manual hydrogroup, brake force corrector
New bearings in the hubs
New RRS steering wheel
New 6-point RSS lanes
Bimarco armchairs with ears in great condition but with lost approval
Main power switch, additional fan switch.
Flock board, new lightweight 2-speed sports heater.
Electrical installation reviewed, what is not needed is removed.
New battery
After the reconstruction, the car did not pass any mileage or track kilometers.
With the car 14 rims 8xOZ 4x Tires Exterm W3 medium mix and 4x Good Year winter tires 4x free Enkei rims after restoration painted white and 2 original Honda tires with nice tires.
For the car, the second inlet manifold with the throttle, the original exhaust manifold from Integra, the second ignition device with cables, the tailgate, rocker arms, seals, the second set of fender doors, the second original suspension in very good condition and many other things.
New car for all 9500Euro.
Very fast car.