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In very good condition Opel Kadett electric racing car with license plate. With a verifiable mileage of 105,000. The body is rust-free, technically in top condition. Many modifications for the switch insert.

The car has undergone many changes to the engine, transmission, chassis, interior, etc. (See below)

All invoices of the conversion are available.

Brand: Opel

Type: Kadett-E 5-door

Year of construction: 1991

Motor: 1.6i 8v (C16NZ) 116.4 / 164Nm measured on the roller bench

Gearbox: Opel F13WR 5-speed with Quaife ATB limited-slip differential


Fully tackled in 2012, all damaged areas replaced or repaired. Rear windows L + R renewed inside and outside, left sill renewed, right sill partly renewed, right gutter renewed. Pictures repair available. Rear spoiler Kadett-E GSi.

Interior / Security:

Partial roll basket made of seamless tube, professionally assembled and welded. Sparco F200 seat with adjustable Sandler seat frame. QSP 4-point belt (2x). All redundant and unnecessary internal parts removed.



Cat-Cams 276 degree camshaft

Modified inlet with Opel gas valve / injector / intake pipe C18NZ

Remanufactured cylinder head (including hydrodynamic tappets / slides) with increased compression

Motor computer with fully writable EPROM

Lexmaul spaghetti distributor 4-2-1

Simons group A exhaust, catalytic converter removed

Lightweight crankshaft pulley and generator pulley


Vauxhall F13 with wide gear ratio, 5-speed with Quaife ATB limited-slip differential. Clutch replaced in 2014 and still as good as new.


All about Sandler Powerflex rubbers

Replace king pin

Replace strut bearings

Replacement of the rear wheel bearings

Replace the front wheel bearing

Stabilizer bars front + rear on the Kadett Gsi 8v

Height-adjustable front springs, custom-made by KW Suspensions

Matching KW rear shock absorbers and custom-made rear springs.


Rear brake cylinder replaced by 19 mm aluminum cylinder with riveted brake pads. For new Delco Moraine brake calipers.

Wheels / tires:

1x set of (rally) slicks Kumho Ecsta K11 180 / 530R13

2x spare wheel (rally) Slick

1x set of semi-slicks (rain) Kumho V70A 175 / 60R13

The car is in the Netherlands.

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