Honda Civic

Main information

Gruppe N


Completely renovated in 2020.
Shock absorbers Extrem Tech 0 ss / km after full rebuild
JAS Motorsport control unit (Kaido (EE) regulation)
Engine N group 0 ss / km after full rebuild (new bearings, new pistons, new rings, etc.)
Clutch 0 ss / km
Gearbox dogbox (Bolverk) 0 ss / km, 6.33 pair, locking differential
New original driveshafts 0 ss / km
New suspension N group
Chair Sparco Circuit II – Manufactured in 2019
Chair Sparco EVO II – Manufactured in 2019
Belts Sparco Prime H-7 – Made in 2019

Price 18000 EUR with a new Gerbox dogbox, price 15000 EUR with a synchronizer box (LSD and 6.33 pair).

Possible exchange.