BMW 327

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With a heavy heart I offer my BMW - EMW - 327 from 1954.

With this powerful, stylish car, the vehicle class of large touring bikes was introduced, which is still a major factor in BMW's success today.

The example presented here from 1954 is such an EMW model. It differs from the BMW model only in a few details: bumpers, bonnet opening, emblem, etc. As the name 327 suggests, it is a powerful model - this model has a 1971 cc six-cylinder.

All in all, if you add up all the models built before and after the war, only 2500 pieces of the BMW or EMW 327 were produced, all model versions are included - and the model offered here has the most sought-after body shape and engine.

The car is in excellent condition, the body and chassis are intact.

This rare vehicle in exceptional condition can be viewed and picked up in 44369 Dortmund.