Porsche Cayman

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Perfect price / performance ratio - also for obtaining the Permit A

We offer driver seats on another Porsche Cayman in the series car class V5. The vehicle has installed the same components as our existing vehicle, which drives under the application of the Care for Climate team. (In 2018, in addition to two class wins, several podium places and no technical-related failure. 2019 so far 2x 2nd place, 1x 4th place)

The driver's seat is also ideal for obtaining the Permit A.

We offer you an arrive and drive service including meals in our hospitality.

The vehicle is insured with a deductible. In addition to the driver's seat, there is the option of coaching by one of our fast regular drivers from class V5 as part of the test drives on the Friday before the event.

Advertising space and taxi rides on the vehicle are available after consultation.