Ford Fiesta

Main information

Front Wheel


Car was built in 2015 and is in really good condition. Car has been maintained to highest standard and is ready to race!
Car is in Tarmac spec and has never done gravel rallys.

Never retired, Never crashed

With all M-Sport extras and upgrades

-Engine 950 km Rebuild at M-Sport
-Turbo 950 km
-Spark Plugs 0 km
-Gearbox 0 km
-Clutch 0 km
-Driveshaft 470 km
-Dampers 470 km
-Brakes 270 km

The complete spare package is included

Lamp pod
18 Wheels
OEM Engine, Turbo, Spark plugs, Ignition coils, Injectors, Thermostat, Throttle body, Vacuum hose, All sensors: Temp, MAF, Pressure………
Fuel pump
Driveshaft, Clutch
Alternator, Alternator bracket, Belt, Starter
Water cooler, Water hose, Water cooler Fan
Intercooler, Intercooler hose
Gas pedal, Clutch pedal + cylinder

Car registered on VAT company, price is excl. VAT. More info on request.