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Main information

GT Cars


Standard M3 body with:
- FIA-certified rollcage,
- Recaro SPG XL Hans seat,
- 6-point harness,
- Sparco mocca steering wheel with quick release,
- Original aluminum bonnet (8 kg) and plastic fenders,
- Original untouched carbonfibre roof,
- Carbonfibre doors + original steel doors,
- Carbonfibre boot,
- Lexan windows + original glass frontscreen,
- GT4 carbonfibre front spoiler,
- Front brake cooling ducted from the front,
- GT4 carbonfibre rear wing,
- GT4 carbonfibre die-planes,
- Standard fueltank with extra fuelpump.

Engine is standard S65B40 with:
- Precautionary change of conrod bearings done februari 2019,
- Pectel SQ6M ECU (all 4 vanos and dual e-throttle), 4 different maps and 8 levels of traction control,
- Exhaust system built to pass swedish strict noise restrictions (85dB).

- Original GS653BZ-gearbox,
- Samsonas shifter,
- Custom lightweight flywheel,
- Tilton clutch with hydraulic release bearing,
- Drexler GT4 Differential.

- Intrax 4-way,
- AP Racing 6-pot calipers with 380 mm rotors in front,
- Standard brakes at the rear,
- 2 sets (8 pc) of BMW GT4/BBS M3 GT4 9,5x18 with Michelin 27/65 -18 S8L slicks and Pirelli rain tires.

- AIM MXG 7" dash and logger GPS08,
- Odyssey lightweight battery,
- MyLaps X2 transponder hardwired (1,5 year subscription left),
- Hydroelectric powersteering (Merc A-class unit).

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More details or fotos are provided upon request.
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