Mitsubishi Lancer

Main information

Group N



first owner in rallying
never crashed
welded, freshly painted, light body in accordance to group N
Górny-Sport rollcage in accordance to group N
light alloy fenders
light alloy bonnet
original wing
original rear bumper
front bumper glass fiber with quick release
carbon mirrors
polycarbon windows
roof vent and vortex carbon
sumpguard carbon and kevlar
fuel lines reinforced inside the car
extra lamppod


freshly after “small” revision
new rod bearings Acl Race
new timing belt and pulleys
new aux belt
new turbo with 34mm restrictor
ECU Vipec with 2 ALS’es and maps from RR tuning


6-speed gearbox original
transfercase original with torsen LSD
rear diff original with mechanical LSD
diff ECU original
diff pump inside the boot


wishbones with Ralliart bushings gr. N
engine mounts Ralliart gr. N
diff mounts Ralliart gr. N
set of pins and steering arms Whiteline
Ohlins MIR dampers freshly rebuild by High-Tec
front and rear swaybars


brake calipers original
hydraulic hand brake 2-way gr. N
brake lines inside the car
servo adapter


Momo Daytona Safari valid till 2022
RRS seatbelts hans friendly valid till 2021
flock dashboard
original MR gauges
OMP fire extinguisher system
Lifeline light alloy fire extinguisher
door panels and footrests carbon
quick release steering wheel
full safety equipment in accordance with appendix J

The car is very tidy and nicely made. Ready to start.