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Would be ready with a heavy heart to hand over my BMW E30 V8 Tracktool. The Auto / Umabu has been with me for many years and has been gradually improved during this time. No more teething troubles, sit back and have fun at relatively low operating costs.

The car was driven on track days, and now and then in the wild.

An excerpt of the installed parts:

- Motor M60B40 was revised and partly revised in 2017/18. The engine block of the M62 was installed in connection with the cylinder heads of the M60, i.e. the advantages of the more displacement of the M62 (400ccm) combined with the advantages of the M60 (duplex chain, standard thermostat, no EWS etc.).

- 5 speed transmission

- external oil filter housing with oil cooler

- digital water temperature display

- thick e-fan Spaal

- Additional instruments for engine oil pressure, engine oil temperature, oil temperature differential

- 300 / 294mm brake system with Porsche 986 saddles

- Brake force distribution adjustable from the driver's seat

- Steel braided brake lines

- ATS DTC Felfen with Toyp Semis in 15 inches

- More sets of rims BBS cross spoke + rain tires

- H&R racing suspension with Nordschleife set-up

- adjustable bars at the front and back from H&R

- 188 locking differential 45% locking effect, overhaul in 2017

- Makrolon panes all around

- adjustable rear axle in camber / track

- adjustable dome bearings (camber, toe-in)

- Empty weight 1100kg (without driver, full tank)

- ISA Racing racing seats

- GRP engine hood

- GRP tailgate including adjustable rear spoiler

- completely Powerflex stored

- Reinforcement plates on the front and rear axles

- E36 steering gear without serve (weight savings and more feedback on what exactly is happening on the front axle)

- Dismantling the heat exchanger / heating

- bowl Luisi Lenkgrad

- Wiechers roll cage screwed (with welded reinforcement plates)

The engine overhaul was carried out by the engine specialist Testa Baresi l. & e. Rödger.

In the course of the engine overhaul, the following was done:

- heads:

- 32 x new valve seats

- 32 x valve guides inlet and outlet optimized (program ground in streamline shape)

- 32 x valve itself ground optimized in the area of ​​the plate

- Plan twice

- block:

- 8 x horns (for new piston rings)

- 2 x planning

- 8 x piston cleaning

- 2 x crankshaft removal to change sprockets (pull off 2x)

- 1 x check shaft (runout)

- new parts:

- Seal kit (including valve stem seal) + head screws

- Head gasket M5 E39

- piston rings

- Bearing shells connecting rods

- M60 chain guides + oil separator

- 4 x new knock sensors Bosch

EVERYTHING is entered except for the GRP parts (bonnet and tailgate)!

You have no heat problems on the racetrack. The oil cooler does not cover any parts of the water cooler. This gives the water cooler enough air and, thanks to the thermostat in the oil circuit, the oil and water temperature remain within the green range.

The operating costs are very low in relation to the performance (brakes / tires / etc.)

I still have numerous spare parts such as a second gearbox, rain tires, two sets of BBS cross spoke, replacement differential, etc., which can also be purchased.

The car is deregistered and can only be tested to a limited extent (except with the red license plates / transfer plates that you have brought along)

First contact by mail / PN.