BMW E30-E36

Main information

GT Cars
Gruppe N


2 BMW 325i Challenge race cars, built by the rules of the Histo-Cup BMW Challenge Group N.

Raced several years in the BMW 325i challenge (Histo-Cup) then in the hungarian chapionship.

Hungarian champion in 2019.

9.7 Pistons (built brand new), original camshaft, crankshafts etc., intrax two-way shock absorbers, plate sperr differentials, homolog seats, homolog seat belts, 30l alu fuel tanks in the back with catch tanks, and two fuel pumps, Remus BMW challenge ex house etc.

Hungarian passport.

€ 15,000 each

Huge stock of spare parts:

gearboxes, differentials, driveshafts, cylinderheads, engine blocks, engine components, wheels, alu air-boxes, computers, suspension parts, chassis parts, brakes, ECUs, air mass meters, etc.