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Porsche 991 GT3 Cup | Gen1 | Bj 2014 |

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Chassis: 991.2 | only 12 hours driven from completely new from Porsche Motorsport!

Car completely rebuilt with a lot of new parts. 991.2 body better than 991.1 with many safety upgrades like safety cell update and "safety hatch" roof update (big one)

Engine: only 2 hours after a complete overhaul. Bill and borescope images available

(1 hour running in engine + 1 hour trackday)

Transmission: only 12 hours after a complete overhaul.

Coupling: only 2 hours

-------------------------------------------------- -----------

Chassis : equipped with Intrax 4-way (5000 €) Only 2 operating hours .

(original Bilstein Cup chassis is included)

ABS : equipped with Bosch Motorsport ABS (fully adjustable)

Traction Control: equipped with Bosch Motorsport Traction Control (fully adjustable)

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------

The car is in absolute TOP condition and a perfect racing car for many different racing series.

Since the car was completely rebuilt, there were a lot of new parts and the car looks almost new! Motors can simply run for another 100 hours without revision. That's almost 4 years in amateur racing / track days. The gearbox has a new clutch and is good for at least 20 hours without inspection. Brakes are 25% wear and tear and therefore still 75% good for many hours. After that only documents.

The car is sold with 1 extra set of rims + 5 sets of Michelin Cup N2 slick tires, all of which have only driven one stint (± 100km)

Price is net, ex VAT and can be shown for companies