Subaru Impreza

Main information

Groupe A


Car was build in 2018 (full photo history available). In 2019 did 3 rallies in Poland like 0 / VIP . Car has been prepared for 2020 without running. ( External repaint, gearbox revision, new DCCD, new rear driveshafts )

Engine: Closed deck block, Manley rods, Wiseco pistons, RA heads, ARP bolts etc.

Transmission: 5 speed dogbox with DCCD and LSD. Rear large diff 3,54 with LSD. Spec C driveshafts

Brakes : AP Racing pedal box, AP Racing brake calipers, floating front disc.

Suspension: Protlum Top Race dampers,

Chassis : Reinforced body , roll cage according with J appendix, full carbon interior, Stack dash, etc. .Small rear spoiler included.

Electronic: Motorsport loom , Motek M800 ECU, New Skacel programing DCCD unit

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