Skoda Fabia

Main information



For sell in very good condition Skoda Fabia S2000 09/2012
In car is brand new ATECH seats and Steering wheel
Car have Gold Passport HN A5721

Chassis #92

POSSIBLE EXCHANGE with extra charge for Fabia R5 or other R5 car.

From revision:
-Engine 420km/ss
-Gearbox 420km/ss
-Damper 420km/ss
-Steering 420km/ss
-Wheel hub 420km/ss
-Driveshaft front 240km/ss
-Driveshaft rear 240km/ss
-Propshaft 327km/ss
-Katalyzator 677km/ss
-Asphalt Spec.
-Gravel Spec.
Lots of spare parts

Spare Parts:
-Asphalt Wheels x22
-Gravel Wheels x10
-stabilizers x3
-Bumper front x1
-Bumper rear x1
-Front fenders R+L x1
-exhaust pipe x2
-New steering knuckle x4
-starter x1
-alternator x1
-complete clutchs x20++
-rear diff
-new fuel tank
and some small parts also

I only sell a full set‼️Car with parts for the price of 110.000€‼️‼️‼️It is not possible to buy the car without parts‼️Only car with parts for the price 110.000€