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Auto start/stop settings for a rally car?


we have a DL1 logger which we have been using successfully on a circuit car with the settings set to start logging at 15kph and stop logging at 5kph. this has been fine, although we obviously get log file created from any movement of the car, its usually very easy to spot and due to the fact that we will only create about 5 files between the car leaving the awning and returning again, its not such an issue. we have moved the logger across to a rally car and been struggling to come up with suitable settings, due to the long road sections we end up creating 99 files on our way to the stage (most of which are sub 10kilobytes) and then it ceases to log anything else that session after 99 files have been created. im presuming we need to use some of the post/pre triggering settings to resolve this issue. we want to keep away from manually starting the logger if we can help it. can anyone suggest some suitable settings to use for a rally car?

Any help will be apprecited.

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