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Muccini 58T/3

Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3

Muccini 58T/3

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In 1969, the famous Tuscan builder, Pier Luigi Muccini, started a new two-seater, in collaboration with Divo Bastiani.
The car was designed in a particularly modern and advanced manner, provided with a special trellis frame in molybdenum chrome steel, composed of elements with mixed sections (round tubes at the front and boxed sections with a square and rectangular section at the back); made of fiberglass and aluminum, the body has a general profile strongly deporting, with a low and sloping front and an open tail with the mechanics totally exposed. Great attention is paid to safety by Muccini, as demonstrated by the presence on board of a sophisticated, for the time, fire system with nozzles placed near the pilot, vertical carburettors and the electric fuel pump, as well as a special tank of Pirelli safety rubber foam filled with sponge.
Signed 58T/3 chassis 002, the two-seater is equipped with a Ford-based 1298 cm3 engine and equipped with a special twin-shaft head on a Lotus base in collaboration with the motorist Francesco Landi; capable of delivering 150 hp at 9000 rpm. And a Hewland MK8 transmission, like the F3 ones.
Initially piloted by the same Muccini (the best performances are obtained in Gubbio - Madonna della Cima and in the Coppa del Chianti Classico of 1970), the two-seater and then subject to substantial updates in aerodynamics, chassis and mechanics, passing into the hands of Lido Gianbastiani who will use it with a certain frequency in the seasons 1972 and 1973.
The Muccini 58T/3 will then be seriously damaged in a race accident, ending up in oblivion for over twenty years.
In 1999 it will be completely restored by the Officina Faralli of Uliveto Terme; then returning to the races for the 1999 Classic Chianti Cup with the young Luca Mazzanti. The car is then passed to Viterbo Sandro Zucchi, who uses it with excellent results in the hill climbs.

Italian Sports car left-hand drive, built in small numbers in 1970, chassis n ° 002
Engine: Lotus Twin-Cam 1300 with carburetors vertical Weber IDF40
Gearbox: Hewland MK9
Papers: HTP FIA (Two-Seater Racing Cars - Period GR); FIA technical passport and history of the car since it was built.
The winning car in the 1st grouping, class 1300; a lower cost than competitors: Abarth, Chevron, Lola, March, etc...
Quoted, with period photos, in the book "Sport & Prototipi Italiani" by Alberto Rrastrelli p. 305/306.
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Muccini 58T/3
Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3 Muccini 58T/3

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