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F.Gloria B4 kit

F.Gloria B4 kit F.Gloria B4 kit F.Gloria B4 kit F.Gloria B4 kit

F.Gloria B4 kit

Price: €14.900

Main information

B4 kit


vendo come da titolo f gloria B4 kit 1000cc;
motore r1 modello 2008,elettronica yec superbike,scarico completo,cut off, autodiagnosi,aerodinamica c8f,cerchi da 8"ant e 10" post,diffusore post.
auto competitiva,passaporto csai (serbatoio da agg.),endas,uisp
valuto permute solo con formula tatuus renault o proto p2.
F.Gloria B4 kit
F.Gloria B4 kit F.Gloria B4 kit F.Gloria B4 kit F.Gloria B4 kit

Skoda 130

Race Cars


Skoda 130RS Replica (Skoda) Škoda 130RS. The bestselling car in the race to the top in the 1400ccm category. English translation below. Replica Skoda (Škoda) 130RS. Das Beste Auto in dem Bergrennen in der Category 1400ccm. Beschreibung Deutch/G...



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Mazda RX-7

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Rx7 unica in Italia pronta gara provenienza americana valuto parziale permuta con auto da rally storica



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Quickshifter Expert



Quickshifter Expert Quickshifter for all sequential dogbox`s enables Full throttle clutchless up gear shifts & clutchless down shifts (patented auto blip system) YES IF YOUR RACER IS FITTED WITH VIRTUALLY ANY SEQUENTIAL GEARBOX Hewland ,Sa...

Peugeot 208

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Peugeot 208 Caisse neuve il y a 3 courses moteur 500 km BV révisé avant rallye du Var Petit lot de bord kit terre rampe de phare 10 jantes



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Moskvich 2140

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Build in 2013 Weight 1050 kg Engine: Turbocharged, 170Hp 270Nm Vems ecu. Als, shiftcut, launch control. Bosch motorsport ignition system. Double Bosch 044 motorsport fuel pump with custom surge fuel tank. Bosch motorsport injectors. Garr...



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Dodge Dart

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Dodge dart CAR IS READY TO RUN tire 32x14x15



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