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Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta

Price: €19.000

Main information

Production / Touring
Motec M400
РСКГ, Туринг-лайт


The car is ready for the competition, after Rebild.
Engine 1600, prepared by the FIA ​​R2b regulations, without variocam.
Gearbox: dog, in a standard housing, with LSD.
Shock absorbers: Rieger front, the KW rear, with adjustable compression and rebound damping.
Brakes: front AP Racing 4-piston, disc 296 mm, rear disc.
The engine control unit: Motec M400.
Data logger: Motec ADL3.
Wheel rims 7JxR15.
Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta

Opel Corsa

Rally Cars


From genuine RML. Gravel & Tarmac Setup. 1 Operating time. Sequential gearbox Recardo 6 speeds. Motor Swindon. Loudest in England. The car is a general reconstruction. With invoices Swindon & Recardo. Given together ''EXTRA'' 2 Set Shock...



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Volvo Amazon

Rally Cars


Volvo Amazon Volvo Amazon 122s make 1966. 3 engine's, 2 rear axle, M47 gearbox schort schift, all new superflex, bilstein shocks, 2 Facet, plexi windows, full welded shassis and rolcage, .....



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Suzuki Swift

Rally Cars


Suzuki SWIFT GTI Hello ! Suzuki Swift Gti 1300 ready to take off in the Polish Rally Championship (class historical ) MPC (Class 7 ) GSMP (Class HS/J2 ) and RD3L range (Class for 1400) . This is a great , fast , light and agile car to embark on the ...



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Bmw M3 E92



Bmw M3 E92 Carbon, glasfiber and kevlar parts for many many racecars. For streetcars available too, with certificate (TÜV papers) We are professional in building carbon moulds, bodykits, shape, prototypes, carbon parts, parts for industrial. We ...

Subaru Impreza

Rally Cars


Subaru impreza PLEASE NOTE...£15,500 in british pounds, not euros! 1998 2 door group N Subaru Impreza, originally from Prodrive. Now in B13 speck with 34 mm restrictor. Cosworth pistons, arrow rods, N10 crank. Running on gems, mapped to sunoco ...



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All all



All all WE MAKE POWER! ... whether from - little displacement, large displacement. 4-12 cylinders. Gasoline, diesel and gas engines. Classic cars, youngtimer or latest cars - Long distance, mountain, rally, slalom, and also for the road. Rac...