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Formula Formula Formula Formula Formula


Price: €36

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This 1999 Dallara was constructed in Germany by Bertrum Shaffer Racing as a promotional vehicle .It was based at the A1 ring for 12 months and was then sold into Australia in 2001.The vehicle is in pristine condition and has done very few Kms 198 in total in the last 12 years.The car runs a European spec Opal Spiess engine.The gearbox has a modified gearset (stronger) to cope with the additional weight of two people.This vehicle offers outstanding promotional and sponsorship opportunities
Formula Formula Formula Formula Formula

Peugeot 106 Rallye

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106 Rallye Gruppo N massima preparazione da salita. Scocca RAGAGNINI (TO) Assetto GIRALDI Centralina TDD Roll Bar multipunti SPARCO , saldato e bullonato Allestimento di sicurezza (sedili-cinture) valido fino 2020 4 gomme rain Michelin nu...



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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

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Vettura Vincente perfetta, motore e cambio,differenziali 400 Km. Turbina 100 Km. Vettura con doppio assetto asfalto e terra ExtremTech, 6 fari Xenon, 16 cerchi asfalto + 8 cerchi terra gomme varie terra e asfalto.Serbatoio sicurezza nuovo. Elettroni...



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Toyota Tercel

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Toyota Tercell This is a complete Toyota Tercell composite fiberglass Preston body, perfect condition, hand laid, never mounted Freight on Buyer

Maserati Indy



The car was repainted some years ago.The paint is in good condition.The interior leather is original and in good condition.Chrome and glass are in excellent condition. 4.2L engine and the ZF 5 speed manual transmission.The car runs and drive...



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Rally Cars


Bmw e46 Rally or drift car for sale! -Hydraulic brakes -katona suspension (race suspension) (stiff) -OMP Steering wheel (removable) -Fuel Pressure regulator -Homologue sparco seats -Five-Point harnesses -Race Tank (20L) -flame retar...



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Sadev St 75-14



Sadev ST75-14 6-speed sequential gearbox. Sequential complete, acceleration sensor interrupts, with shift lever and bar, including both 100 mm brackets (VW seals can be used). The transmission is almost new used 2 x 30 min. Test 30 min. Sprint rac...



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