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Citroen DS3

Citroen DS3 Citroen DS3 Citroen DS3 Citroen DS3

Citroen DS3

Price: €57

Main information

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Citroën DS3 R3 MAX for 2016 JWRC and ERC event

Professional rally racing team with great references for servicing WRC, R5 and R3 cars is offering last specs Citroën Ds3 R3 MAX for 2016 JWRC and ERC events. The car is in full MAX specification for both gravel and tarmac. If you are looking for reliable team & car contact us for a full service package quote.
We are offering more than just a car servicing! With waste experiences from WRC and ERC events from both gravel and tarmac, we can assist with car set ups, testing with expert drivers, assist with event managements, and eventually help drivers with less experiences from WRC events.

Car history:
- DS3 R3 MAX - 234HP, 430NM
- Complete rebuild and all revisions done after 2015 season
- Podium JWRC stage times NESTE Rally 2015 - Jari Huttunen
- 1st place WRC3 NESTE Rally 2014 - Teemu Sunninen (junior team driver for Toyota WRC 2017)
- 2nd place overall - Finnish Tarmac Sprint Rally Championship 2015 – Teemu Kvick
- 3rd place overall - Finnish National Championship 2014, class SM4 – Joose Kojo
- 3rd place WRC3 NESTE Rally 2013 - Jussi Vainionpää
- Car set-ups done by Mikko Hirvonen, Tapio Laukkanen , Esa-Pekka Lappi

Brynda Racing rally team highlights
- 2013-15: WRC events Ford Fiesta WRC
- 2015: Slovakian National Championship Fiesta WRC
- 2015: Organization of Opel Adam Cup Czech Republic
- 2012-14: Organization of Renault Clio Cup Czech Republic
- 2012-14: IRC, ERC, JWRC events Citroen DS3 R3T
- 2011: European R3 Trophy - Renault Clio R3 MAX

Please email us for a custom quote.
Citroen DS3
Citroen DS3 Citroen DS3 Citroen DS3 Citroen DS3

Porsche 944

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Voiture de circuit Porsche 944 2.5 turbo (951) de 1986 +/-300cv Carroserie: Hayon Strosek avec double aileron réglable spoiler avant (splitter) et protège carter crochets de remorquage avant et arrière Intérieur: La plupart de l’ intér...



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birel dd2



Birel DD2 2009' Cik13 +40786852411

Seat Leon

Race Cars


Seat Leon Supercopa Great Car, quick and reliable. Fully serviced 2013/14 for FIA ETCC. New Engine original Seat with sealings. New wheelbearings, New Splitter, Coolers, Brakediscs, front with new bells. Konis serviced, Brakecalipers overhauled. Ne...



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Race Cars




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Toyota F3



Vendo coppa motore nuova in magnesio per motore Toyota Formula 3 Novamotor.



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Mitsubishi Evo

Rally Cars


Mitsubishi EVO X 2014 ERC PRODUCTION CUP CHAMPION NAME WINNING TEAM have for rent with full service Top Spec. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X N4 ( New category ERC2 ) All ERC and some WRC events in 2015 We can make for you special price. For more info conta...