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Quickshifter Expert

Quickshifter Expert Quickshifter Expert Quickshifter Expert

Quickshifter Expert

Price: €860

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Quickshifter Expert

Quickshifter for all sequential dogbox`s enables Full throttle clutchless up gear shifts & clutchless down shifts (patented auto blip system) YES IF YOUR RACER IS FITTED WITH VIRTUALLY ANY SEQUENTIAL GEARBOX Hewland ,Sadev, Elite etc etc or has a motorcycle engine/gearbox we can give you autoblip for clutchless downshifts, Also electric gearshift system for sequential gearboxes Instant gear changes using buttons or paddles.Please go to www.quick for full details & onboard. footage !!! and track test from Track and Race car magazine or contact us to send you a copy
Quickshifter Expert
Quickshifter Expert Quickshifter Expert Quickshifter Expert

Daewoo Lanos

Rally Cars


Daewoo Lanos wanted Searching for Daewoo Lanos rally. Any condition.

Abarth abarth

Rally Cars


Per rinnovo parco auto vendo Autobianchi A112 Abarth 70hp gr.2, anno 76,auto al top pronta gara,scocca saldata, assetto a ghiera stretta, cambio tutto bacci,motore preparato appena rialzato con testa nuova, sedile cinture estinzione tutto valido, doc...



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Ford Fiesta

Rally Cars


Ford Fiesta S2000 The car is evo1 , the gear is medium raisho with alot of spare part ( bodykit - flywheel - cluch - with 500 Ltr of fuel elf 102 ) 12 rims - spare part for gear short raish - 50 KM for the gear after rebeld - new sparco seat belt ...

Renault Clio

Race Cars


Renault Clio Cup III After VLN 10 (26.10.2013) we offer one of our Renault Clio Cup for sale(if wanted directly out of parc ferme). It'S the perfect car for endurance racing and it proofed its skills many times. The car has been built by ourselves b...



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Bike engined car Quickshifter



Bike engined car Quickshifter Motorcycle engined cars performance parts. Full throttle clutchless up shifts & auto throttle blipped clutchless downshifts with many competitive advantages, Button or paddle operated electric gear selector kit see...