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Ford 2014

Ford 2014

Ford 2014

Price: €267.976

Main information

4WD __


Ford 2014 Olsbergs MSE Ford Fiesta ST MkVll Supercar

Patrick Sandells Red Bull Global Rallycross car 2014, winner of the Washington DC round.

Technical specification of 2014 Olsbergs MSE Ford Fiesta ST MkVll supercar:


• 2014 3 doors FORD FIESTA ST mk7 body.
• Chrome-moly rollcage.
• 2014 Fiestas body kits.
• Dimensions: Length: 3959mm. Width: 1836mm. Wheelbase: 2489mm.
• Weight: 1300kg minimum with driver included.


• Ford Duratec HE 2030cc OLSBERGS/MOUNTUNE Design.
• Four cylinders, 16 valves, OLSBERGS MD engine head.
• PECTEL ECU, TIBUC inlet manifold, GARRETT turbocharger, PWR intercooler.
• MAGNAFLOW exhaust with HJS catalyzer.
• Power: 560 bhp at 6400 rpm.
• Torque: 840 Nm at 4000 rpm.


• Permanent four-wheel drive with 3 LSD differentials.
• 6 speed sequential SADEV or 5 speed MAKTRACK gearboxes.
ALCON 3 plate carbon clutch.

$300,000.00 USD

Ford 2014

aim EVO3 Pro



Professional data acquisition system AIM EVO3 Pro + Mychron 3 Dash + DataHub + AIM GPS module including wiring 12 free configurable analogue inputs 4 speed inputs Lateral- and linear acceleration sensor ECU Interface (CAN-Bus and RS232) ...



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Formula Renault

Race Cars


Formula Renault fr.martini mk 78 fr . martini mk 78 tres bon etat general , configuration d' origine .. +2 trains roues slicks + 4 jeux pneus slicks et pluie ..rapports b.v. + pieces divers etc... tres peux de roulage / 460 km en 3 ans / ideal cir...



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Rally Cars


Rallyraid Uk Desert Warrior DW3 clubman this model has more cabbin space than the standerd desert warrior and far more space than the wildcats,it has 2900cm wheel base that give the car exceptional stability at speed off raod. the car was built for...



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Alpina B12



Alpina B12 Coupé 5,0 is a classic car produced on basis of BMW 850i. Thanks to its V12 engine producing 350hp and 490Nm is B12 Coupé able to do 281km/h and 0-100 makes in 6,8 seconds. Released a few months after the debut of the 850i coupe, the Alpin...



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BMW 2002

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BMW 2002 - Engine 2000 cm3, with Wossner forged pistons and Schrick camshaft (160 cv) - Carburettor Weber 40 - 5 vel. gear box (E30) – And an additional 4 vel. gear box - Shock absorbers Bilstein B6 - Baquets and three support belts (season be...



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BMW 2002

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Bmw 2002 ti Motor: Alpinakopf mit größeren Ventilen, 316° Schrick-Nockenwelle, Ölhobel, Ölbehälter , Spezialkurbelwellenlager, Mahlekolben , 2x45-iger Weber-Doppelvergaser, Turbokühler mit E-Ventilator, Fächerkrümmer Fahrwerk: Bilstein Fahrwerk h...



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