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Mitsubishi Evo

Mitsubishi Evo Mitsubishi Evo Mitsubishi Evo Mitsubishi Evo

Mitsubishi Evo

Price: €72.000

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Group N


Mitsubishi evo X

Mitsubishi Evo
Mitsubishi Evo Mitsubishi Evo Mitsubishi Evo Mitsubishi Evo

Estonia 21-10

Race Cars


Verkaufe Estonia 21-10 Fahrzeug ist einsatzbereit für 2018 für Historische Klassen und Rennen Vizemeister Auto 2017 HAIGO



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Hewland MK



Suche Hewland Getriebe MK8 Serie 5 oder MK9M 5 Gänge aus der alten Formel 3 (Kein Formel Ford) in gutem Zustand Bitte alles Anbieten . Danke

Sommer Racing Trailer



Sale Racing trailer with lift, double Floor, storage space under the trailer, fully clothed outside, 2 doors, side and rear Formula 2-4, Proto, motorcycle, kart, etc. Technically good condition summer Manufacturers Empty weight 5500 kg, 12000 k...



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Porsche 911

Race Cars


For sale this "new" Porsche 3.0 Gr 4. Chassis:Carrera 3.0 VIN:9116600999 -Carrosserie RS 3.0(Extension Carrera RS 2.7) avec aileron Turbo -Poids total(fiche homologation) 900 Kg -Moteur original Carrera 3.0 Type 930/02 (Villebrequin 6 petits tro...



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Audi rs3/ttrs



Audi rs3/ttrs We take a factory brand new OE BorgWarner turbocharger and optimize with 5-AXIS CNC machining processes to reduce back pressure, we port match the exhaust runners to maximize throughput, utilize the latest new improved more efficient V...



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Toyota BJ

Rally Cars


Toyota BJ 74 vends TOYOTA 4X4 BJ74, dernière participation : transaf 2008, bon état., 2 amortisseurs Fournales par roue, historique connu collector.



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