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Ferrari 330

Ferrari 330 Ferrari 330 Ferrari 330 Ferrari 330 Ferrari 330 Ferrari 330

Ferrari 330

Price: €150.000

Main information

Historic Racing Cars
road car


Ferrari 330 P4 Spyder Recreation

Perfect recreation of original 330 P4 spyder 1966, built using original molds and drawings
body in fiberglass or aluminum
engine ferrari F101 type
correctly registered as historic ferrari, legally drive on road
Ferrari 330
Ferrari 330 Ferrari 330 Ferrari 330 Ferrari 330 Ferrari 330 Ferrari 330

Mitsubishi Lancer

Rally Cars


Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X two PC Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X, year 2009, forged engine after general correction ,RJ motec, new turbo, ALS 1,2, two maps - rally map 298 PS / 690 Nm, hill climb map 400 PS none restriktor, new clutch set-keramic clutch, g...



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Rayburn (pontiac)

Race Cars


Rayburn (pontiac) Late Model Selling a Rayburn Late Model 4bar roller. Comes with 411 Quick change tiger rear end with less than half a season on it this is a very nice rear end. polished ring and pinion light weight. 22 gallon fuel cell, braided f...



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Turatello F35ML



Available to order with a 60 days lead time, the Turatello F35ML is an excellent choice when you are looking to transport a race car with much ease and fine Italian style and in the same style have a cozy space to lie down. The set up of the livi...



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Renault 5 Alpine

Race Cars


Belle, rare, de collection, compétitif et plaque d'immatriculation enregistrée, HTP, courses prêts, la préparation maximale pour le Gr 1 Tourisme pour la piste, course de cote, rallye. Acheter ainsi que de nombreuses pièces détachées, pneus, jantes a...



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Audi quattro

Rally Cars


Audi quattro Car completely rebuilt, year 1981, Engine "10 valves" produced by "Lehmann motoren" , with few mechanical parts rare, ready for competition Group 4 and very collector' parts from Audi sport years 80s , power increase near 400 hp, and el...



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Alfa Romeo Giulia

Race Cars


1975 Alpha Gulia 1600 cc / HISTORIC TECHNICAL PASSPORTS (FFSA HTP H3) * Including a revised five-speed manual transmission * Including a totaly revised engine * Completly new exhaust * New break system * Including 8 wheel bearings available in s...



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