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Renault Clio

Renault Clio Renault Clio

Renault Clio

Price: €35.000

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Production / Touring


Renault Clio Cup III

After VLN 10 (26.10.2013) we offer one of our Renault Clio Cup for sale(if wanted directly out of parc ferme). It'S the perfect car for endurance racing and it proofed its skills many times. The car has been built by ourselves back in 2011. It's built to VLN-Cup3 regulations weight limit. The car comes with an enhanced rollcage, GRP doors, bootlid and bonnet incl. aero-lockers. Furthermore a Recaro Carbon-Kevlar seat and a only 1Kgs battery is mounted to the car. The engine is a standard cup one which still is sealed. A carbon-airbox and exhaust manifold from the Renault R3-Rallycar is mounted too. The ECU has the latest updates. Gear ratios from 1-6 is completely changed to fit perfectly to the Nordschleife. As well a special differential lock is mounted. The car comes with a KW competition suspenion (front 3-way; rear 2-way). Leightweight Motec wheels are mounted too. The car has a Bosch Motorsport M4 Race-ABS system. The interior is completely cleaned with regards to the central wiring loom. The original Magenti Marelli dash is exchanged by an AIM MXL Pista dash. Finally the a 100 litre fuel cell is mounted at the area of the rear seats to the lowest possible position. The car finished with many podium and class victory finishes in VLN, 24h-Nurburgring and 24h-Barcelon. It finished every race since it was built back in 2011. As a professional and reliable partner in racing we as well can take care of the car after you've bought it. We can store the car in our workshop and do the whole service in racing series you want to participate. Benefit from our longtime experience. We're looking forward to your request by mail or phone.
Renault Clio
Renault Clio Renault Clio




Pair of Michelin Radial Wets 22 / 54 / 13 P400 Brand New. Unused. Stored in dry dark room. Ring or eMail: Mob: 07860 421937 /

Porsche 996

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Porsche 996 Cup Vds Porsche 996 Cup de 2004. Révision Moteur et boite fait. Embrayage et butée neuf. Historique complet de la voiture. Pièces de rechange. + 6 jantes avec train de pneu pluie.



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Lancia Delta

Race Cars


Vendo Delta Proto no targhe, pronta x qualsiasi tipologia di gare asfalto: completa di passaporto digitale aggiornato Csai omologata SS speciale slalom, Endas, Uisp, auto molto competitiva, ha vinto numerose gare, anche all'estero!!! Motore: 2000...



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Suzuki haybusa

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prototype 6 roues (4 motrices ) 215 kgs pour 145 Cv Moteur 1200 bandit optimise , 4 roues motrices 0 / 10 0 Km/h: 2,4 Secondes 0 / 200 Km/h 8, 5 Secondes Performances de TRES HAUT NIVEAU Possibilite remorque neuve : 600 € Nic...



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Simca rallye

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Simca rallye Sehr gepflegter und rostfreier Simca Rallye zu verkaufen mit : 40 Weber mit offenen Trichter auf Haiden Brücke Fächerkrümmer,Nocke etc ca 140 PS / 670 kg Hydr Handbremse,Scheiben V&H ,durchgehend Stahlflex , Bremskraftverstellung...



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Seat Leon

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